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EC-Earth meeting at ECMWF in Reading, UK

Date: May 21-23, 2019 

The upcoming EC-Earth community meeting will be a 3-day event from the morning of the 21st May (Tuesday) to lunch time of the 23rd May (Thursday). Breakout group meetings will take place on Tuesday and plenary sessions on Wednesday and Thursday morning. A dedicated poster session will take place Wednesday afternoon before the Conference dinner. 

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Meeting location: ECMWF in Reading, UK


Link to presentations from the meeting (sorry, available only for registred users of the EC-Earth dev portal)

Tuesday May 21

Lecture theatre Meeting room 5 Meeting room 6
9:00 Technical WG (Philippe and Uwe) Climate prediction WG (Pablo)
10:45 Coffee/Tea break
11:15 CMIP6 experiments and analysis (incl planned papers) (Shuting)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Next generation EC-Earth incl OpenIFS (Philippe and Uwe)
15:45 Coffee/Tea break
16:15 Quality Assessment (Uwe and Pierre-Antoine) Ocean WG (Torben) Land surface, vegetation and carbon cycle (incl PISCES) (Andrea and Paul)
18:00 End of day 1

Wednesday May 22

9:00 Introduction/Welcome ECMWF
9:20 Welcome note from chair, meeting goals Ralf Döscher
9:40 Invited talk: Reducing cloud and radiation systematic errors in global NWP and climate models Richard Forbes
10:30 Coffee/Tea break
11:00 Introducing the Probabilistic Earth System Model: the impact of stochasticity in all components of EC-Earth Kristian Strommen
11:20 Progresses in “PROCess based sEamless development of useful (multi-scale) Earth system predictions over lanD” PROCEED project Andrea Alessandri
11:40 EC-Earth land surface model : development of the offline configuration and application to decadal prediction of wildfires Etienne Tourigny
12:00 An update of current climate predictions activities at BSC with EC-Earth Pablo Ortega
12:20 the first assessment of the EC-Earth3 CMIP6 simulaitons Shuting Yang
12:40 A short note on the ECS in EC-Earth v2 and v3 Klaus Wyser
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Implication from EC-Earth last millennium simulation on collapse of the Maya civilisation Qiong Zhang
14:20 Multidecadal West African monsoon rainfall variability in a last millennium simulation Ellen Berntell
14:40 Report from BOG: climate prediction WG Pablo Ortega
14:55 Report from BOG: technical WG Philippe LeSager
15:10 Report from BOG: land, vegetation and carbon cycle Andrea Alessandrini
15:25 Report from BOG: ocean WG Torben Koenigk
15:40 Coffee/Tea break
16:00 Poster session & SG meeting
17:00 Reception (poster session on-going)
18:00 Transfer to restaurant
18:30 Dinner at Cote Brasserie

Thursday May 23

9:00 Invited talk: Global High Resolution Climate Modelling in PRIMAVERA/HighResMIP Pier Luigi Vidale
9:50 Report from BOG: next generation EC-Earth Philippe LeSager
10:10 Report from BOG: CMIP6 Shuting Yang
10:30 Coffee/Tea break
11:00 Final discussion (CMIP6, next generation of the model, future of the EC-Earth consortium, common papers, next meeting)
12:30 Final remarks and closure Ralf Döscher
13:00 Lunch

List of posters

Josefine Axelsson Stockholm University
A case study on La Niña and El Niño impacts on Indian Summer Monsoon with IFS
Virna Meccia ISAC - CNR
Arctic sea-ice evolution in EC-Earth 3.1 simulations: sensitivity to Stochastic Physics.
Franco Catalano ENEA
Process-based improvement of climate prediction in EC-Earth ESM
Twan van Noije KNMI
Surface air temperature evolution, transient climate response and equilibrium climate sensitivity in CMIP6 simulations published to date
Tongmei Wang Stockholm University
Understanding the variations of tropical water vapour in the lower stratosphere
Pablo Echevarria and Miguel Castillo BSC
Robust, reproducible workflows for EC-Earth - The BSC use case

Meeting dinner

A self-funded dinner is planned for the evening of Wednesday 22 May at Côte Brasserie in Reading town centre.

Before 15 May, please indicate whether or not you will attend the dinner and if so, please select your food choice as the restaurant requires a pre-order.

Please respond via this form

List of participants (2019-05-20)


Name Affiliation
Andrea Alessandri KNMI
Anna Lewinschal Stockholm University
Antje Weisheimer ECMWF & University of Oxford
Chris Roberts ECMWF
Danila Volpi CNR-ISAC
David Wallom University of OXford
David Wårlind Lund University
Declan O'Donnell Finnish Meteorological Institute
Ellen Berntell Stockholm University
Emanuel Dutra IDL, Lisbon University
Etienne Tourigny Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Fei Luo Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Francisco Doblas-Reyes BSC
Franco Catalano ENEA
Franco Molteni ECMWF
Gabriella Szepszo ECMWF
Giuseppe Zappa University of Reading / ISAC-CNR
Glenn Carver ECMWF
Jan Streffing Alfred Wegener Institut
Joaquin ECMWF
Jonathan McGovern Met Eireann
Jose Antonio Parodi-Perdomo AEMET
José M. Rodríguez AEMET
Josefine Axelsson Stockholm University
Jost von Hardenberg ISAC-CNR
Jukka-Pekka Keskinen University of Helsinki
Klaus Wyser Rossby Centre / SMHI
Klaus Zimmermann SMHI
Kristian Strommen University of Oxford
Lars Nieradzik Lund University
Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda ECMWF
Marcus Köhler ECMWF
Marianne Sloth Madsen DMI
Mario Acosta BSC
Matthias Gröger Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Miguel Castrillo BSC-CNS
Pablo Echevarria BSC
Pablo Ortega BSC
Paolo Davini CNR-ISAC
Paul Nolan ICHEC / Met Eireann
Philippe Le Sager KNMI
Pirkka Ollinaho Finnish Meteorological Institute
Qiong Zhang Stockholm University
Ralf Döscher SMHI
Retish Senan ECMWF
Risto Makkonen
Saji Varghese Met Éireann
Sarah Keeley ECMWF
Sarah Sparrow University of Oxford
Shuting Yang DMI
Souhail Boussetta ECMWF
Susanna Corti ISAC-CNR
Thomas Reerink KNMI
Tommi Bergman FMI
Tongmei Wang Stockholm University
Torben Koenigk SMHI
Twan van Noije KNMI
Uwe Fladrich SMHI
Valentina Sicardi BSC
Virna Meccia ISAC - CNR
Wilhelm May Lund University