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Virtual EC-Earth meeting -

     - organised by AEMET

Date: June 12-14, 2023


The registration for the EC-Earth meeting has been closed, please contact the organizers for changes.

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Presentations from the meeting

Connecting to the virtual meeting

EC-EARTH GA will be held online using teams. We will be using the same link for the three days of the meeting, accessible here:

Access the meeting: instructions have been sent to participants by e-mail, check your e-mail and if you cannot find the instructions please contact the organizers.

Although it is possible to connect using web browser application, we recommend you to download desktop application. We will be connected 15 minutes before the beginning of every session, so we would kindly ask speakers of every session to connect a few minutes in advance to test microphone, camera and sharing screen, and to send their slides on pdf before the session, so we can share them in case of any technical problem.

Program (final)

List of participants, sorted by institute (last updated May 16, 2023)

First Name Last Name Institution
Peter Langen Aarhus University
Peter Langen Aarhus University
Jose A. Parodi AEMET
José M. Rodríguez AEMET
Fernanda Matos Alfred Wegener Institute
Christian Stepanek Alfred Wegener Institute
Christopher Danek AWI
Jan Streffing AWI
Martin Werner AWI Bremerhaven
Genis Bonet Garcia Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Aude Carreric Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Eduardo Moreno-Chamarro Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Montserrat Costa Surós Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Vladimir Lapin BSC
Eric Ferrer BSC
María Gonçalves Ageitos BSC
Etienne Tourigny BSC
Alba Santos BSC
Francisco Doblas-Reyes BSC
Valentina Sicardi BSC
Roberto Bilbao BSC
Genis Bonet Garcia BSC
Miguel Castrillo BSC-CNS
Aude Carreric BSC-CNS
Martin Lindahl CEC Lund University
Paolo Davini CNR-ISAC
Annalisa Cherchi CNR-ISAC
Fransje van Oorschot CNR-ISAC
Andrea Alessandri CNR-ISAC
Virna Meccia CNR/ISAC
Marion Devilliers Danish Meteorological Institute
Zhenqian Wang Department of Physical Geography and Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Marion Devilliers DMI
Shuting Yang DMI
Annika Drews DMI
Tian Tian DMI
Andrea Gierisch DMI
Marcus Köhler ECMWF
Retish Senan ECMWF, Reading, UK
Franco Catalano ENEA
Pirkka Ollinaho Finnish Meteorological Institute
Declan O'Donnell Finnish Meteorological Institute
Petri Räisänen Finnish Meteorological Institute
Anton Laakso Finnish Meteorological Institute
Harri Kokkola Finnish Meteorological Institute
Arundathi Chandrasekharan Finnish Meteorological Institute
Tommi Bergman FMI
Spyros Pandis FORTH
Paul Nolan Irish Centre for High-End Computing
Valerio Lembo ISAC-CNR
Emanuele Di Carlo ISAC-CNR
Vincenzo Senigalliesi ISAC-CNR, UNIBO
Philippe Le Sager KNMI
Lianghai Wu KNMI
Twan van Noije KNMI
Thomas Reerink KNMI
Eveline van der Linden KNMI
André Jüling KNMI
Peter van Velthoven KNMI
Nomikos Skyllas KNMI/RUG
David Wårlind Lund University
David Wårlind Lund University
Lars Nieradzik Lund University
Paul Miller Lund Univetsity
Saji Varghese Met Éireann
Tido Semmler Met Eireann
Javier García-Serrano METEO-UB, Universitat de Barcelona
María Santolaria-Otín METEO-UB, Universitat de Barcelona
Laura Gil-Reyes METEO-UB, Universitat de Barcelona
Danila Volpi METEO-UB, Universitat de Barcelona
Mario Rodrigo METEO-UB, Universitat de Barcelona
Stelios Myriokefalitakis National Observatory of Athens (NOA)
Oliver Mehling Politecnico di Torino
Torben Koenigk SMHI
Pasha Karami SMHI
Uwe Fladrich SMHI
Shiyu Wang SMHI
Ulrika Willén SMHI
Klaus Zimmermann SMHI
Klaus Wyser SMHI
Ulrika Willén SMHI
Helena Martins SMHI
Manu Anna Thomas SMHI
Katherine Power Stockholm Univeristy
Qiong Zhang Stockholm University
François Massonnet UCLouvain
Hugues Goosse UCLouvain
Cécile Osy UCLouvain
Francesco Ragone Université Catholique de Louvain - Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Gerbrand Koren Utrecht University