EC-Earth is a global climate model system which is based on the idea to use the world-leading weather forecast model of ECMWF (European Centre of Medium Range Weather Forecast) in its seasonal prediction configuration as the base of the EC-Earth climate model. The model system can be used in several configurations including the classical climate model (atmosphere, soil, ocean, sea ice) and Earth System configurations (adding atmospheric chemistry and aerosols, ocean bio-geo-chemistry, dynamic vegetation and a Greenland ice sheet).


Around 2006, the need for an ESM was recognized by various ECMWF Member States. This effectively initiated the development of EC-Earth.

Version CMIP Status Development Operational version
EC-Earth no CMIP participation past version 2006-2008 2008-2010
EC-Earth2 CMIP5 past version 2010-2014 2012-2017 v2.3
EC-Earth3 CMIP6 work horse 2016-2020 2018-2025 v3.3
EC-Earth4 CMIP7 in development 2020-2025 2024